The Four Major World Religions


Christianity is the most common religion in the world today with over two billion followers. It is a monotheistic religion, which mean it believes there is one God. This belief system is based off the teachings of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God and the prophet. Followers of this religion worship in churches led by male priests, and have a Pope located in Rome, Italy. They celebrate Christmas and Easter. Christian core values include virtues of character such as grace, hope, faith, love, justice, joy, service and peace.


Next comes Islam, with about one-and-a-half billion followers. Also a monotheistic religion, Islam teachings are found is the holy book, the Qur’an. Muslims believe Muhammad is the final prophet, but also acknowledge the belief that Adam, Noah, Moses and Jesus were prophets prior. They worship in a mosque led by the imam, and observe holidays like Ramadan. Core values of the Islamic faith include submission to Islam and declaration of faith, prayer, philanthropy, worship and patience. If you find this topic interesting, you may want to start a website around the subject, then you could educate yourself on internet hosting at and be aware of the options available to you.


Then, Hinduism with one billion, one million followers, but it is not considered an organized religion. It contains a vast spectrum of philosophies and is connected by shared beliefs;traditions and rituals; cosmology; literature and sacred places. The core values of Hindus are truth, belief in Brahman as the amorphous God, belief in the Vedas or ancient scriptures, achievement of morality and conscientiousness, and immortality of the soul (also known as reincarnation.) The cycles of birth and death, creation and destruction, are believed to be continuing in an endless cycle.


Finally Buddhism, with just under five hundred million followers worldwide. It is an Indian religion and follows the philosophies of the Buddha, who is believed to have been an educator sometime between 600 – 400 BC. Buddhism focuses on mindfulness, meditation, self love, suffering, and rebirth. Most of the world’s Buddhists live in China.