The Holy Books

Holy books are the basis of our religious knowledge, and every religion is known by their own religious book. There is an argument about which holy book should be trusted. Why should anyone accept any of them since each claims theirs is the holiest. It is all contradicting, with the Christians strictly claiming the Bible is holy and that the religious books of other religions are not. In comparing the Bible with all the others, there is strong evidence and historical accounts that explain why they make that claim. These accounts outmatch rivals’ accounts given the events in the world today. No one can say they blame the Christians for making this claim. The Bible also has some very strong verses and chapters that describes the life and death of men on earth.

All the religions in the world have different doctrines, different ways of praying, and different forms of worshiping God. All these teachings are stored for eternity in the form of text in religious books, and today they are accessible even on the internet. There are downloadable versions, audiobook and PDFs with maximum security systems like and people tend to live their lives by following everything mentioned in these holy books.

  • Koran or Quran is the Islamic holy book. It consists of 114 chapters known as the Suras.
  • The Bible which is subdivided into the Old and New Testaments is the Christian holy book. In the new testament, you will find writings about the life of Lord Jesus, his preaching, his words and his work. The Old Testament simply contains stories of the historical wars, and famous kings.

The Koran and the Bible are the most widely read holy books, however, other religious books and scriptures are also known in the world. Some of these include:

  • Torah and Talmud. These are the two religious books of Judaism.
  • Five Classics is the holy book of Confucianism and Tao-te-ching is the holy book of Taosim. They are two different religions in China.