What You Need to Know About the Bible

The Bible is the most well-known yet also the least understood book of all times. It is a true phenomenon of the publishing world, the world of religion and the world of literature.

It is the absolute leadbook-1209805_960_720er in many categories, including the number of languages it has been translated to, the number of copies sold, the number of books read. Yet its message and meaning are still a subject for heated, ongoing debates.

The book has been used to justify wars and various conflicts and, at the same time, inspired charitable organizations all over the planet. It was used by the people who supported slavery and by the people who condemned it at the same time.

Recent statistics show that people sell or give as gifts around 150,000 Bibles every day.

The word Bible comes from the Greek language. In Greek, it means “the book.” The word is similar to the name of the town Byblos, which is located in what today is the country of Lebanon. Byblos was known in the ancient word as the town that supplied paper and produced paper goods. For this reason, its name because synonymous with the word “book.” This is similar to such examples from the modern times as the word “Jeep” used to describe all sport utility vehicles, the word “Xerox” used to describe all copiers and the word “Kleenex” standing for all tissues regardless of the brand.

The Greek word for the Bible is not singular, but plural because what today is one book used to be a vast collection of different books by various authors. The Bible consists of legal texts, historical narratives, poetry, personal letters and more. People that wrote works that later became the Bible came from all kinds of backgrounds, including royalty, farmers, priests, and fishermen.